Marathon training update: 6 weeks away!

No news is good news, right?

Nothing of substance to report other than training is plugging along fine — even good!

I’m five weeks and six days away from race day, which means I am more than half way through my training plan. (I may have created a 16-week plan … Yeah, not 10, not 20, but 16!)

Joanna and I did our 18 miles about a week ago. This coming week our long run is down to 13, which will be nice since anything less than 14 doesn’t even seem like a “long run” anymore.

Don’t worry, we’ll peak up to 20 miles in a few more weeks!

I haven’t had a really bad long run yet in terms of pace. The 18-miler was definitely painful since Joanna and I did it on a Saturday evening and I’m used to running long in the mornings. But, it’s nice to have my training partner back. We did our first marathon together back in May 2010. We did the Vancouver Marathon and we fundraised for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society while training with Team In Training.

We crossed the finish line together.

Joanna had convinced me to do that race. Then the next year I convinced her to do the Nike Women’s Marathon.

We crossed the finish line a few minutes apart.

I’ve done three more marathons on my own since that Nike race.

Training alone can be tough. Racing alone can be brutal when you’ve hit the wall.

But now I have my running buddy back and we’re six weeks away from racing strong at Portland.

So, I guess you could say marathon training is going great!



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