Friends are like cheese slicers

My dad tends to berate me for not holding a knife properly. (In my defense, I’m a vegetarian, so I hardly use knives …)

I’m not that into kitchen appliances and gadgets to begin with — OK, OK, a knife isn’t an appliance! — but have been desperately missing my cheese slicer since moving into the new house in July. It unfortunately got “lost in the move.”

One month without a cheese slicer has been rough.

It’s one of those things that just makes life easier.

Because, eating cheese makes life easier and if cutting cheese easily means using a cheese slicer then by the transitive property, cheese slicers make life easier, right?

Maybe this goes back to the fact that I can’t properly use a knife but I really dislike slicing cheese with a knife. My roommate has mentioned noticing a decrease in my cheese intake since the move (because of the loss of the cheese slicer.)

Earlier this month my friend, Anna, was in town for another high school friend’s wedding and I was telling her about my “struggles living without a cheese slicer.”

She got it. She understood. She agreed.

“Yeah! Your cheese block is left all wonky and uneven,” she said.

“Exactly!” ***

As we walked back to our cars after watching the Seattle Sounders beat Houston and I continued to obsess about my lack-of-cheese-slicer-life, I came to the conclusion that I would just have to buy a new slicer the coming week.


Of course once the work week arrived I became so caught up in the chaos of the week that I didn’t buy one. When I arrived home Thursday and noticed a small package addressed to me, I was a little confused. I hadn’t ordered anything. The return address was “Kitchco” so I was even more confused. I had no idea what it was.

And, being the paranoid person that I am, I opened the package on my front lawn rather than inside my house. (Hello, don’t you remember the anthrax attacks of 2001? I don’t know how many unknown enemies I may have!)

It was a gift from my dear friend, Anna.


It was my dearly, longed-for cheese slicer.

Friends are like cheese slicers. They make life easier and you can’t live without them.



***Some real “first world problems” going on here, I know.


One thought on “Friends are like cheese slicers

  1. Bahaha I am behind on your blog (sorry!) but I love this post. Real first world problem.. we talked about the missing cheese slicer too much. Oops!

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