The miles can be different

When people discover I run (marathons,) the most frequent question I am asked:

Don’t you get bored?

I don’t.

When I tell them that I run with music on a rare occasion, they are even more shocked.

I just run with my thoughts, I tell them. I also draft many blog posts. I draft emails that need to be responded to. I remind myself of things I need to do when I get home. I plan the rest of my week in my head. I do all of these things while running. Or, I just let my mind wander and not really think about anything specific at all. No one can interrupt me. It’s just my thoughts and I.

But I’d be lying if I said that there are no runs that get “boring.” I’ve lived in my new house for a month and I’m already “tired” of the neighborhood streets.

What I’ve learned is that new neighborhoods and streets can make your run — especially if it’s a long marathon training run — substantially better and even great.

On Saturday morning, I ran a good 10-ish (of 16) miles on unchartered lands. I had this sense of renewed energy. My legs felt great. Everything felt great. I even started to run faster as I went along Shilshole Bay to Golden Gardens. I was lucky enough to have Bryce meet up with me to run up a very steep hill and then a few miles after that and to have my friends waiting for me at Discovery Park where I finished up my run with three miles with them. (Oh, and I got a ride home!)

Most of the time I am too lazy to drive somewhere new to do my long runs because I feel like it takes up too much time. Honestly though, it’s very much worth it.

I see more of my city of Seattle with every run I take. Just the other day I ran on residential streets that I have never been on — and I’ve lived here my entire life (27 years!) And on vacations, I discover otherwise-neglected areas while running as a tourist.

Where do your runs take you?

I don't run with my phone so here's a picture of a run in Bruges, Brussels from April 2013 — obviously new running terrain!

I don’t run with my phone so here’s a picture of a run in Bruges, Brussels from April 2013 — obviously new running terrain!


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