No plans for the weekend — except to run a half marathon

My weekend plans were pretty bare.

I usually have it packed with activity — especially during the sunny weather months days — but this weekend was calm.

My mom’s out of town on business. Bryce is going to be at an ultimate tourney in Oregon. Half of my roommates have moved out of our house already. (Our lease is up at the end of the month). I figured I would take this precious free time to tackle some tasks on my ever-long “to-do” list. (Research and book rental vans for my Ragnar team, purchase multiple wedding gifts, take care of “finance stuff,” etc. etc.)

But then I had a better idea.

Run a half marathon.

I’m not in “training mode” right now. Training for the Portland Marathon official begins the next weekend so I’ve only been going on a few runs here and there.

So, the Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon  is in two days, and yes, I think I will do it.

Will I full-on race it?

Probably not.

But, I convinced Joanna to do it with me so … who knows.

It’s so nice to have friends who will do a half marathon with you at a moment’s notice. (Two days before race day can be considered “a moment,” right?)

We have two sleeps to prepare to rock n’ roll come Saturday morning.

Let’s do this.


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