Ready, set, KO! — A quarter-life no more

Yes, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

This is the blog formerly known as It is now: (Maybe some day I’ll actually own the domain, but baby steps, right?)

My apologies for any confusion or restless nights of sleep that may have incurred because of this HUGE change.

But, you see, I’m not at a quarter-life anymore. I plan to live to 100 years and I am two years past 25.

As of June 8, I am 27! (That number is still weird to say/read/type).

Last year at 26, I thought about changing the blog name but I couldn’t think of anything creative enough. So, I kept it.

This year, I asked friends for help. I took an impromptu poll while celebrating my birthday at a bar Sunday evening with friends.

I knew I wanted the new blog name to incorporate either running, my name, writing and/or living in Seattle or the Pacific Northwest). The following are a few from the brainstorming session (or texts I later received from friends who didn’t stop coming up with more creative options):

Running on Plenty | Run Kristin Run | Two Cents Past A Quarter | Run And Tell That | Total KO | TKO  Run Write Repeat | Bacon is the Exception | Stride Write | Cascadia Runner | Kristin Runs 

Obviously, Ready, set, KO! won by a landslide. And by “won by a landslide,” I mean Erica was shooting off more ideas with me Monday evening when “OK, go!” turned into “Ready, set, go!” and then of course, “Ready, set, KO!” was born. In case the KO part doesn’t make sense, those are my initials.

It’s a weird feeling to be past a quarter life. I’m definitely not ready for people to tell me I am in my “late 20s.”

I’m just ready to go! I’m ready to run, to write, to travel — all the things I did at a quarter-life. Nothing in this blog will change. I just needed to upgrade the name.

So, ready, set, KO!



2 thoughts on “Ready, set, KO! — A quarter-life no more

  1. “Let’s KO to the park” “I’m KOing to bed” “Kristin, want to KO to happy hour?”

    I’m glad you left out the less appropriate title suggestions.

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