Thanks for the #birthdayweekend


My 27th birthday was June 8 and I had an entire weekend of celebrating. I couldn’t have asked for better Pacific Northwest weather and better company to spend it with. I have the best friends and family ever! In case you missed my constant #birthdayweekend tweeting, here’s a little of what happened:


Friday evening was spent walking around the UW campus and catching glimpses of Mt. Rainier.


Saturday Bryce and I hiked the Oyster Dome and coincidentally ran into friends at the top of the mountain!


Us and friends exploring a lake on our way down the mountain.



We decided to take the scenic route back to Seattle that evening after the hike.



Sunday morning (my actual birthday,) Phyllis and Joanna ran the ShoreRun 5K with me. (For those of you who read my blog solely for the running content, I will post a proper race recap soon!)



Despite none of us really training for this race, we had a lot of fun during and after (pictured here).




In the afternoon, I discovered that I am not very good at King Tut 1960s pinball.



For those that do not know, we have a pinball museum in Seattle!



The snapchats I received on my birthday were birthdaysnaps! How exciting!



Birthday dinner included sushi with my family.



I got schooled by my little brother at table tennis. I played with my dominant hand and he played with his non-dominant hand …



I ate cake. (And I have a piece saved for today, too.)



I concluded the celebrations with all my lovely friends!

I have a feeling 27 will be a great year.

Here we go!




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