You’re happy, I’m happy

“I just want you to be happy.”

We’ve heard it many times, usually in some chick flick that has the same story line as that other chick flick.

But, you know what? It’s a real concept. The fact that “your person/people” are happy, makes you happy.

I have a friend who has devoted so much time and energy to becoming a doctor. The crazy thing is that she’s not (currently) in medical school. She’ll start this coming fall. This past summer/fall was her third time applying to med schools. The past two years led to interviews but no acceptances.

Some people would have given up after that first rejection.

Many people would have given up after the second one.

But, not her.

She knew what she wanted. She “fixed” the areas of her application that needed to be stronger. She added more experience to her resume. She never gave up.

When I got a text from her today with the news that she had officially been accepted, my eyes became watery. I was so full of happiness that she had achieved this goal that I was crying.

And I wasn’t alone because another friend — it was a group text — exclaimed that she had just shed a tear.

I’ve always known my close friends to be kind, fun(ny), smart and giving. But, they are also fighters. And, fighters deserve their happiness.

When my friends are happy, I’m happy. And I can’t stop smiling while typing this.

Congrats, friend. You’ve worked so hard to earn this and I couldn’t be more proud.


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