PSA: Put sunscreen on everywhere

I don’t usually like to instill my opinions on others (with exception to that time I wrote that everyone should vote because that’s what a good citizen does) but today I have one more public service announcement:

Put sunscreen on everywhere.

I don’t care if you are dark-skinned and “never burn.” At one point, I was like that. (Or, so I thought).

Always remember your face (duh) but don’t forget the shoulders and the backs of your ears and even the part in your hair (if you’re one that wears your hair the same way or have a natural part).

I was in California for less than 24 hours.

And, I got burned.

Because I was negligent to apply sunscreen everywhere.

I forgot my feet.

And now they are swollen and red and hurt oh so badly.

For the first time in my 26 years of life, I have had to apply aloe vera.

Sure, I’ve burned before, but never this badly.

But I guess sitting in the San Clemente sun for four hours on the beach will do it to you. I really should have been a better sun screen user. It did reach a high of 90 degrees that day …

I’ve learned my lesson. I will put sunscreen on everywhere.

And, I will never have to use aloe vera ever again.

And, my feet will thank me.

Because, right now, they wish they could go barefoot everywhere …


But, burns and all, it was worth celebrating Annie and Gabe. Congrats to the newlyweds!



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