Getting race ready

I type this awkwardly as I try not to ruin my just-nail-polished-nails.

That’s how I get ready for a race, by painting my nails neon pink.

I’m being serious.

But, getting ready for a race also means solidifying my race goals. And, I have put together a list of several goals for tomorrow’s Whidbey Half Marathon:

A. Set a PR. This would mean breaking 1:46:40.

B. Race my all without any IT band/knee pain.

C. Run negative splits.

D. Break 2 hours.

E. Finish with a smile on my face.


In a perfect world, I would attain all of the above goals.

I have been training for this race with the “I’m going to PR!” attitude. However, in recent weeks, I have been having runner’s fatigue/burnout. Going out on a run has been “meh.” I’ve more been doing it because I don’t want to die during this half and the hills that come with it. If I wasn’t signed up for the race, I probably wouldn’t have gone running half of the time in the last month.

I’m burned out.

So, I will give everything I’ve got during the 13.1 miles tomorrow. It may be my last race of my 26th year. (I’m not signed up for anything before my June birthday month).

I will push my hardest. I will smile my hardest. I will run smart. I will run fast. I have a lot of other friends who are also running and will be there cheering so it’ll be a fun one. It’s also going to be (allegedly) sunny.

My nails are done and I am ready.


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