Six days away

My (what-I-like-to-think) “re-debut” race is in six days.

Last fall I had IT band/knee injury-stuff going on and ran a very painful Chicago Marathon.

Thus followed physical therapy and very minimal running through the holidays and New Year.

In February I ran a half but this one is my “real race.” That one I signed up for at the last minute (like a week before) and my goal was to moderately race it without any pain. I did that. This one I signed up for in the midst of my PT rehab, the one I would race when I would be well and healthy.

This weekend’s Whidbey Island Half Marathon is to actually race — to not hold back.

I’m nervous because what if my IT band does act up?

I’ve also been hearing from multiple people that this course is hilly. I’m just in denial and telling myself that the full is hilly and the half (hopefully) isn’t too bad.

After all, my goal is to PR. (Isn’t that the goal every “real” race?)

I’ve been training like I want to PR. This has actually been my first half marathon (out of 14) where I followed a training plan.

Also, for the past month I’ve been that one obnoxious friend “who can’t drink” because I’m in training mode. (At least my friends have been grateful to have a DD).

Yesterday I rolled my ankle while playing ultimate. The awful thing about it is that I wasn’t even doing anything cool or difficult. I just tripped over my own feet and fell the wrong way on my left ankle.

It still feels funny today. I’m kind of bummed out about that because isn’t one supposed to be 100 percent going into race week?

I’m wearing my running shoes to work today. If I’m going to have a wonky ankle, it’s going to be well-supported and in comfortable shoes.

Because, I’m six days away.


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