It’s Friday night and I feel all right

Everyone looks forward to Fridays, right?

I mean, unless Friday afternoon/evening isn’t the start of your weekend, then you may think differently.

But, for me, I have a normal Monday – Friday work schedule.

And, I’m usually a Saturday-morning runner. As in, I log in my miles for the week’s long run sometime before noon that day. There was a time when I tried playing around with Sunday morning long runs. But, usually Saturdays seemed to work best. It was good to “get the run out of the way” so I could enjoy the rest of my weekend.

But, what if you take that notion a step further? Why not do your long run on Fridays? Why not do it immediately after your work week ends?

I did that two weeks ago out of necessity. The Seattle Sounders’ season opener was mid-day on a Saturday and I knew I wouldn’t manage to get the run in before (or after). Sundays are now for ultimate Frisbee and I don’t like to do my long runs on the same day as that … so, that left me with Friday afternoon.

It wasn’t that bad.

Last week the forecast called for rain all weekend. Friday when I left work around 3:30 p.m. it was not raining and the sun was even (partially) out. It seemed like a good idea to get my miles in. So, I did. I ran to beat the rain.

This weekend I had no plans Saturday. The forecast looked promising (i.e. no rain) all weekend. But, regardless, I went on my long run Friday after work.

Yes, it is tiring to go after working a full day. But, at least that means I can sleep in on Saturdays rather than waking up early so I have enough time to get my run in plus stretch and shower and do whatever else the day may hold.

And, that also means that staying up until 2 a.m. hanging out with friends won’t ruin me for my Saturday morning run because it’s already been done!

Side note: Currently I am training for a half-marathon so the longest run I have done on a Friday after work has been 10 miles. Next week I’ll do 11 and the following 12. I assure you that when summer comes around and I am training for my full marathon, I won’t be doing my long runs on Fridays. Eighteen miles after work? I don’t think so! 


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