Sometimes, I’m kind of a stalker

Examples of recent stalker-ish tendencies:

1. I once searched someone on Facebook while this person was more-or-less five feet away from me without his/her knowledge. I could have very well asked the third person in the room the “about me” of this person, but I thought it was a solid decision to discreetly research on my phone instead. (Note: The person and I have never formally met and I had just learned of his/her name seconds before conducting the search).

2. I took this photo without their knowledge:

In my defense, I was trying to depict that grown men can wear bear hats (as long as they are accompanying their kid-daughter who is wearing a husky hat — and helping her tie her shoelaces).

3. I took this photo without her knowledge:

(Again,) in my defense, I was trying to demonstrate to the world that working pay phones do exist! Well, unless this woman was just acting like this was a working pay phone, but I’d like to think that she was actually making a 25-cent one-dollar (?) call home to wish her parents a happy St. Patrick’s day. (Side note: there was also a phone book in this phone booth that she was flipping through! I guess there goes the idea that she was calling home … unless she had lost touch with her parents who moved houses).

4. I did this:

In case you are too lazy to click and read the thread (which I don’t blame you —lots of words! — I would skip over too,) I basically saw someone IRL (in real life) who I’ve only known through blogs and Twitter and instead of being a normal person and introduce myself, I questioned her real-life presence on, none other than: Twitter!

I don’t mean to be creepy, but sometimes it just comes across that way.

Oh, did I ever mention my favorite song is The Police’s “Every Breath You Take”?


One thought on “Sometimes, I’m kind of a stalker

  1. Hahahaha … I once was at a writing event … me and this other person kept texting stuff…we didn’t know who each other were..and we finally found out we were at THE SAME TABLE! We thought it was so funny we kept texting instead of actually talking. How dorky is THAT?!?!?!?

    As for the Police song … I once heard an interview with Sting … he said he was mortified that couples actually used that song for their wedding song!

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