Time to pick up the pace

I’ve always been a “middle-of-the-pack” runner.

All the running “talent” I have and PRs I have crushed come from hard work and training — not from natural talent.

My mom always comments how it’s “funny” that I ended up being a runner since no one in our family runs (or ever ran). I mean, I have a younger cousin who runs but no one from generations past were runners.

I also don’t look like a runner. I don’t have that runner’s build. A few weeks ago I was running through a park and a woman yelled at her dog to “get out of the jogger’s way,” so I’ve got that going for me …

On Wednesday Joanna and I decided to hit the track. This would be my first track workout since last year when I was training for the Vancouver Marathon. This would also be the first time doing any type of speed workout since my IT band injury in the summer/fall.

I was nervous.

And while Joanna and I have run two full marathons together, she is faster than me when it comes to shorter distances. She was a high school and college track star — she was/is a sprinter!

When we arrived at the high school track, there was one or two other running groups there. We tried to stay out of their way as we warmed up. We decided that we would do 800s.

We staggered our starts so that we she would not feel obligated to keep up stay with each other me.

I got that feeling in my throat — that burning feeling — that feels painful but indicates that you are working hard.

My first 800 I clocked in at 3:12.

We gave ourselves a minute or two of rest and then it was on to the second one.

My body felt much more tired and tighter the second go-round. I came in at 3:23.

Joanna did a third 800 but I held back. I socialized with some ultimate friends that were using the inner field for workouts and throwing. Then Joanna and I did some core and stretching before running our way home.

Even though I only did two 800s, I was proud. I was relieved that my IT band didn’t hurt.

The first thing I did when we got home was search this blog for my 800 splits from last year. I had a vague recollection of blogging about it.

My fastest 800 last year is 13 seconds slower than my fastest that day. I was running 3:40s at the beginning to 3:25s! I had no idea I was already running that much faster than my times last year.

Maybe it helps to have a friend you’re trying to chase down. Joanna and I are going to try to do weekly track workouts together.

Maybe it helps that I have been easing back into training and running.

But, my next race is four weeks away and it’s time to pick up the pace.

My roommates and I after that fine track evening. Or, as Erica calls us: House of Cardio!

My roommates and I after that fine track evening. Or, as Erica calls us: House of Cardio!


One thought on “Time to pick up the pace

  1. uhm … you totally look like a runner to me!

    And I’m glad the IT band issue was not! And I bet that Whidbey run is awesomely scenic.

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