When winning makes it all better

I was wearing a raincoat, a thin down jacket, my Sounders jersey and a long sleeve shirt.

Nothing stayed dry.


I was on the fence of being a little miserable to pretty miserable.

We hadn’t scored.

They hadn’t scored.

The rain was coming down harder and harder.

It was the season opener for the Seattle Sounders — and it was pouring buckets.

At the beginning it didn’t matter. We all sang the national anthem together. We all met up at a nearby bar at 9 a.m. to drink together. We were full of anticipation and happiness as we were about to start the new season.

Plus, I got my tweet onto the big screen so I was pretty giddy throughout the first half (despite the not-so-delightful soccer playing by ours truly).

Fans started leaving the game with 10 minutes of play left. I outwardly rolled my eyes at them but inwardly a smidgen of me wanted to join them — just so I could regain feeling in my hands and attempt to dry off.

The 90 minutes were finally up and more fans continued to leave.

We held our breaths as we watched the extra play time, just hoping for the best. The best would be to win. And, the Seattle Sounders beat Sporting Kansas City 1-0. Immediately as the goal was made, I was no longer on the verge of being pretty miserable.

I wasn’t even a little miserable anymore.

I was happy. I was ecstatic.

I was jumping up and down and high-fiving strangers, fellow season ticket holders.

We left the stadium dancing and smiling, still as wet as ever  — but now, as winners.

And what do winners receive? (At least winning fans?) A BOGO (buy one, get one free) deal at Chipotle followed by a shower and nap.

Being a winning fan is hard work.

Right now the forecast for this coming Saturday’s game is again rain. Whatever, go Sounders!


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