The passing of time

It feels like no time has passed.

Yet, I’m behind.

That calendar on the wall indicates it’s February.

I should fix that.

One of my friends says that her grandmother says that now in “her age,” one year goes by in a blink.

I remember when I was in first grade and some of my classmates and I stood in the hallway in awe and admiration at the fourth and fifth graders who got to eat during first lunch. We couldn’t wait to be “old” so we could eat at first lunch too. At the time, it seemed like fourth grade would take “forever” to arrive.

Fourth grade came and went. I hardly remember much from that year except for state projects β€” I did my report on Hawaii.

And, all the other years that followed swept on by.

Where did the last four years go?

The time went by so quickly.

Or, maybe no time has passed at all.


One thought on “The passing of time

  1. I want to hit the ‘Like’ button to show support …

    But ..

    There is a lot of … ‘something; here…. and … I find myself just wanting you to not feel … ‘where did the last 4 years go’ …

    In the end … things will balance out … and the things you give, will somehow come back in to match what you’ve given….

    And …

    You are not behind … its just the calendar. Breath …

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