March on

The way the human body works is sometimes pretty incredible.

If you actually stop to think about how it works.

I’m no scientist but the fact that I was knocked out pretty much all day Saturday to being able to run again Monday is pretty awesome.

Thursday evening I was experiencing some pain in my upper back/shoulder. I wasn’t sure how it happened (no heavy lifting or anything like that) and went to bed frustrated. Hoping it was one of those kinks you could just “sleep off” I woke up Friday assuming the pain would be gone.

It was the exact opposite.

Even nodding my head, or lifting my shoulder caused a surge of sharp pain in that upper left back area. Driving to work, I winced every time I had to turn my head to the right to check my blind spot as I merged onto and then off of the freeway.

I was able to get my doctor to call in a prescription for a muscle relaxant into my neighborhood pharmacy. This was a “last result” type thing. I didn’t think I would actually take any meds.

Saturday I awoke to the same pain.

Enough was enough.

I walked to the pharmacy and the pharmacist warned me of the major side effect: drowsiness. She told me to not drive if I started feeling tired.

I took one pill and was ASLEEP FROM 10 AM TO 3:30 PM and then slept a little more from 3:45 pm to 5 pm! I am not kidding. (And to note: I slept 8 full hours the night before!)

Worst of all, the back pain hadn’t gone away or even improved!

I just lost half the weekend.

I went to dinner with friends that evening, which was fun. But, by 9 pm, I was ready for bed again. I napped through two movies that Bryce watched.

I didn’t dare take another one of those tiny white pills for fear of sleeping through Sunday.

By Sunday evening, the pain seemed to have lessened. I had been trying to stretch it out and used a heating pad on the area.

Monday when I arrived home from work I felt like I was at 85 percent normal so I decided to run. And, not just run but bust out my long run I was supposed to do over the weekend.

There was no rain during my run. (We had one heck of a monsoon during the morning’s commute!)

I did 7 miles at 9:20 pace. But, honestly, any pace after a full work-day on top of that weekend I had would have been fine by me.

Time to march on.



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