Nothing bad ever comes from a zoo visit


Sometimes all you need is a cute tiger to say “hi” to cheer you up.


Or, maybe an arctic fox.


Or, an otter.

And/or, taking a few deep breaths, and telling yourself that it will all be OK.

And, if taking those deep breaths hurts your back too much (because you somehow managed to hurt your upper back/neck,) place a heating pack on the “problem area,” take some Advil and call it a night.


5 thoughts on “Nothing bad ever comes from a zoo visit

  1. I hope you feel better.

    (By the way, what zoo? When I lived in Seattle I once drove down to the Pt Defiance Zoo in the Tacoma area … and it was a really cool zoo. But I’m not sure what other zoos are in the area.)

    • This was at the Point Defiance Zoo! I prefer it to Woodland Park Zoo (the Seattle one). The animals never seem to be out at Woodland …

      • NICE!

        So the time I went there….there was BALUGA whales…. I had never seen them before. That was just incredible!!!!

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