Very close to spring

I knew that going on a run would be difficult. I had a 9-hour work day (Why does anything more than 8 seem SO LONG?) and didn’t get an adequate number of sleep hours last night. When I arrived home, going on a run was the last thing I wanted to do.

But, I knew the feeling of “having done it” would be better than moping hours later of “not having done it.”

Does that make any sense?

So, I forced myself to change into my running clothes. I dusted off the ‘ol iPod — which I haven’t used for runs in a while — and headed out the door. It was past 5 p.m. but still significantly light out.

As I trudged along — and trust me, at 11:00 min/mile pace, I was trudging — every part of my body felt heavy. My tuna sandwich that I scarfed down two hours ago around 3 p.m. was not sitting well. (As I said earlier, busy work day meant not eating lunch until 3 p.m.)

The “small hill” I’m used to running up and down in my neighborhood felt forever long and steep.

I heard the occasionally chirps of birds over the music coming from my iPod. (I only wear one earbud anyway so it’s hard to miss noises).

There were blue breaks in the sky above the white puffy clouds. (Yes, the cumulus clouds!)

I took a deep breath as my feet continued to pound the pavement.

And then,

I smelled it.

Even if it was only for a moment, I smelled what was very close to the smell of spring.

When I returned home after that 30-minute run jog, I still felt tired.

But, I felt much better.



2 thoughts on “Very close to spring

  1. Sometimes our busy and tiring other lives makes up not want to do the things we want … and we force ourselves to plod on ..

    But maybe plodding is not so bad … you slow … and hear the birds chirping through the one ear without the earbud …and smell the on-coming spring … and … realize that life is kinda a cool thing. 🙂

    (I know what I say sounds cheesy … at least my wife thinks I make cheesy statements sometimes.)

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