Good night and sweet dreams

We had so much extra weight holding us back.

Why did we pack so much just for one weekend?

I had a difficult time getting her attention and keeping her focused.

There was so much to do in the next 48 hours!

She assured me that it would all work out, to just enjoy it.

I couldn’t.

With each minute that past, the more my stress level increased.

She said would call to make a reservation for us — a reservation to place us at the front of the line.

After getting off the phone she said that the customer service rep had no idea what she was talking about.

I felt that the weekend was going to be doomed.

The next thing I know she is standing in front of a seafood stand, asking a vendor for a “scale-y fish.”

But, we don’t need more luggage holding us back!

And then,

I woke up.

This was my nightmare of a trip to Disneyland with a friend.

That we would spend our whole weekend waiting in ride lines because we had too much stuff to carry that was slowing us down.

I hardly remember my dreams.

But, when I do,

they make sense in some ways (I do love Disneyland)

but in other ways are pretty ridiculous.

Good night,

and sweet dreams.


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