The forgotten, locked-out Valentine

People either love or hate Valentine’s Day. I’ve always been kind of indifferent about it.

Growing up I guess I liked it because we exchanged Valentines with our classmates. If you were going to hand out cards and/or candy, you would have to give them to the entire class so no one was left out. It was fun.

But in addition to all of that, Valentine’s Day has always been a big birthday-celebrating day. My mom’s birthday is Feb. 14 and my dad’s the day before, on Feb. 13. We always celebrated their birthdays together either on the 13th or 14th.

Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, I wished my mom a happy birthday via text in the morning. This year, we would be doing my parents’ birthday dinner on the Sunday after their birthdays. (Busy schedules accounted for having it on the weekend instead). I never received a reply from my mom so later in the evening I called home.

I got the answering machine —my parents always screen their calls — so I started singing “Happy Birthday” over the phone. Mid-singing my mom answered and in-between laughing said, “You forgot it was my birthday, didn’t you?”

She never received the text for some reason!

I didn’t forget, technology just failed me.

But, what was forgotten was the invitation to go out to my family’s favorite sushi restaurant.

Apparently my parents decided to go out for an early dinner at 5 p.m. and met my brother at the restaurant. Their schedules had cleared up. When my bro arrived, he asked where I was and my dad said something along the lines of, “Oh, since Kristin doesn’t live with us, I guess I forgot to invite her.”


It’s OK. I wasn’t too heartbroken.

Bryce and I had plans to watch season 2 of “House of Cards” that had just been released on Netflix earlier in the day (at midnight). I know, it may sound lame to watch a Netflix original series on Valentine’s day, but seriously, if you haven’t watched the show, do not judge! Also, I was planning on catching some of the free program of the Olympic men’s figure skating competition that would be aired that evening. I actually avoided all news media and Twitter so I wouldn’t find out who won/got on the podium. (A one-day Twitter fast was kind of difficult for me. Again, please don’t judge).

So, with big TV-watching plans for Valentine’s day, we had decided we would make a pizza and go out and have our own Valentine’s day on Monday since we both have the day off (Thank you, presidents of the United States of America!)

The night did not go according to plan — at all.

Bryce and I locked ourselves out of his apartment when we left to go to the grocery store (which is within walking distance). Since it was going to be a quick grocery run, I didn’t bring my purse with me. All I had on my body was my cellphone and one quarter in my pocket. He had his reusable shopping bag and wallet.

We attempted to break in but had no luck.

On my phone, I searched online for how to pick locks but apparently you need a lot of tools to do that.

There were no unlocked windows we could climb in through.

We were stuck. We couldn’t even drive anywhere.

And, I was getting “hangry” (hungry + angry … usually anger stemmed from hunger).

We walked for what felt like three miles (but Bryce said it was only one mile) to a “nearby” restaurant for dinner. It was nearly 9 p.m. by the time we were eating and I devoured my meal. Ironically enough, the establishment had several big-screen TVs because it’s one of those restaurant/breweries and of course, a few were showing the figure skating competition!

The entire time I had to avoid direct eye contact with the TVs. I also made sure Bryce didn’t move his head while seated so he could block the reflection of one of the TVs in the window.

I didn’t have to worry for too long because eventually the programming switched to Olympic skiing competitions. Phew.

We knew Bryce’s roommate was going to be back at the apartment after 11 p.m. because he was playing a Valentine’s gig at a downtown restaurant. We didn’t know what to do to kill the time so we bussed downtown to meet up with Cprov (his roommate).

The ride took one hour.

Finally downtown!

Finally downtown!

I didn’t have my ID on me so I couldn’t order a drink at dinner but let’s just say I was somehow able to get a Moscow mule once downtown. (A very gingery-delicious one!)

All’s well when you have your favorite drink!

The night ended with the three of us going to a crowded GameWorks and me dominating the boys at DDR (Dance Dance Revolution).

Who knew GameWorks is the happening place on Feb. 14th!

The boys play some Guitar Hero after I crush their spirits at DDR.

The boys play Guitar Hero after I crush their spirits at DDR.

The moral of the story is this: even if your family forgets about you and you and your boyfriend lock yourselves out, you can still have a pretty good V-day. But, I guess since we decided to “celebrate” Valentine’s day Monday, this was just “another Friday night.”

It is now Saturday afternoon and I still haven’t seen the first episode of season 2 “House of Cards” nor have any idea who won men’s figure skating. I’m hoping to do both tonight.

No spoilers, please.

Oh, and one last thing! Always check your pockets for your keys before you head out the door!


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