Not fighting

I have a friend who is in the midst of medical school interviews.

She just had one earlier this week and I’m really proud of her.

This is her third time applying to med schools after two attempts (which is two years) with no acceptances.

Others would have given up by now. Others would have changed their path.

But, not her.

She joked that she’s not going to know what to do with herself once this is all over and she isn’t applying to schools anymore. For the past 2-3 years that’s where all her energy and focus has been on. To want and to know you want something this badly is admirable to me.

I wish that there was something that I wanted so badly that I would not give up on it so easily. That I would truly fight for it.

My freshman year of undergrad, I was rejected from the graphic design major. I could have applied again as a sophomore. But, I didn’t. Instead I set my heart and efforts on something else: photography. At the end of my sophomore year I applied to the photography major and was wait-listed β€” and did not get accepted. Maybe art wasn’t my calling.

At the beginning of my junior year I was sort of at a loss. I applied to the journalism major and was accepted.

I wouldn’t say I am someone who just “settles” on things in life.

But, this history sort of displays the actions of a settler.


I have really good feelings that things will go according to plan for my friend. It just has to.

In the meantime, I need to figure out what I want to fight for.


2 thoughts on “Not fighting

  1. So …. at 22 I still did not know what I wanted to do. (Ok … actually, I wanted to be a professional surfer!) Then I went to college I tried many things before falling into the field I am now in. And things have turned out ok. Was it my childhood dream? My life’s dream?

    At some point I decided that not knowing what I wanted, and stumbling onto what I wanted was also valuable. I tried different things. I learned lessons in areas I thought I’d never use again, only to find their uses cropping up in the most unusable of situations. I also learned what I didn’t like. And I met people who I would not have had the chance of meeting had I not wandered.

    Do not diminish your sense of self just because you may not yet know what you want to do in life … sometimes the path to your dreams can be even more valuable than the dream itself.

    Life is grand … even when we don’t know what’s around the bend … even when we can’t see the bend …

    • Yes, very true. There are definitely some people I would have missed meeting/becoming friends with had I not taken the steps I have so far!

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