Quitters Never Prosper and Runners Never Quit

I stood up and I wanted to cry.

I sort of gasped and looked at my handheld water bottle that was now in a bush.

There was music playing from a nearby apartment but no one was around. I was all alone along South Lake Union.

“This is why people run with their phones — or a bus pass …” I thought as I started feeling sorry for myself.

I was five miles into my 12-mile run Saturday and somehow managed to fall.

Maybe calling it “a fall” is being too gentle. People, it was a wipe out.

In fact, as I was going down, I thought that my “superman” pose with my arms straight out, would have made for a good layout had I been on an ultimate field rather than the concrete sidewalk.

I immediately noticed my three fingers on my right hand were bleeding. I somehow managed to graze the tops of my pointer, middle and ring fingers! My knees were bleeding through my tights. I somehow managed to scrape my knees up quite badly but did not tear through my full-length tights. My left elbow and palm were bleeding slightly. I also bruised my left hip.

I guess if you’re going to fall while running, you better make it count …

Poor, poor knees.

Poor, poor knees.

so badly wanted to quit. I do not remember feeling this feeling of wanting to give up on a run as much as I did in that moment. I was bleeding for goodness sake!

The run had already started out crummy. I had a side ache from not allowing enough time for my English muffin and peanut butter to digest. I was wearing new shoes and they just didn’t feel right (despite being the same model I always wear!) I felt sluggish.

And sluggishly walking five miles back home would have taken a long time. I wasn’t up for that walk of shame!

The weather was clear and sunny.

So, I pushed down all my urges to give up and went forward.

With my fresh battle wounds, it hurt to bend my knees thus every step was a bit painful. But, as my run continued, that pain eased.

I never take walking breaks during my long runs but this time I did without hesitation. Gu break, I walked! Top of a hill, I walked! Crosswalk, I walked!

I finally arrived home and was completely spent. My total time was 1 hour 56 minutes 36 seconds where more than an hour of that was post tragic fall.

The blood on my hands were now caked on, dried up from the cold. I washed them in hot water with soap and they burned. I was not looking forward to showering.

With advisement from my roommates, I first iced my knees, which were not only scrapped and bleeding, but were now also bruised and swelling.

I wish I could say I fell because I was trying to dodge a car. Or because someone was trying to attack me. Or even because I tripped over a small cat.

But, no.

When I stood up and looked behind me. I saw the usually sidewalk. There was a small crack in the ground that formed a slight unevenness in the pavement but to blame my spill on that would have been pathetic.

This 12-mile run that turned into 11.5 miles because of some walking is definitely going to be a memorable one. At 10:08 pace, it wasn’t my fastest.

It was the one I most wanted to give up on but didn’t.

When things get tough are you going to cry and call for help?


You’re going to dig deeper than you ever have before.

You’re going to run.

(And, you’re going to blog about it!)


7 thoughts on “Quitters Never Prosper and Runners Never Quit

  1. First and foremost – I am glad your are ok.

    Next – while you had some bloody fingers and knees … NICE photo and HIGH-5

    Ok … perhaps that was not quite the nicest thing to say … but I recall when either me or my wife took a spill (on our bikes) we immediately checked to see if the other was hurt…and it not .. .we TOOK A PHOTO!

    And I am guessing that if you can blog about it, you are ok 🙂 So…. WAR STORY 🙂

    By the way, your slow day totally annihilates my GOOD days of run times …

    And finally … digging down deep to finish the run … YOU. ARE. ROCKING!

    • Thanks for the comments! Yeah, the first thing my roommate said to me when I told/showed her what happened on my run was “At least now you have something to blog about!”

      Looks like we have rain the rest of the week so now I really must be careful to not slip and fall! Take care!

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