Let the racing begin!

2014 racing was scheduled to begin in April for me.

But, as of tonight, my first race will be in one week!

Next Sunday I’ll take a stab at the Birch Bay Half Marathon in Blaine, Wash.

Bryce was already registered to do it and rather than go up and spectate and wish I was running, I decided to just go ahead and do it too.

Let’s hope the IT band behaves.

And, that my knees have recovered from yesterday’s beating.

(Oh yes, I will have to update you on the embarrassing mishap. I’ll get to that tomorrow, I promise. Let’s just say that walking up and down stairs is a bit painful for the time being).

I’m not going in this half marathon with strong hopes of PR’ing. I mainly want to see where my baseline is at. I want to see if my body is fully ready for racing again.

So when April comes, I can really attack that Whidbey half marathon.

Let 2014 racing begin!

(I think) I’m ready!


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