Come together

My roommate had a point.

She said that there are so many other important things people could come together and show support for rather than sports.

700,000 people flocked the streets of downtown Seattle to show their love and support for the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl.

That’s more people than the number of people who live in Seattle.

Don’t these people have jobs? Don’t they go to school?

Yes, they do. But, today, they didn’t go. Or, took a very extended lunch break.

I read in one news clip that 25 percent of students in Seattle Public Schools were absent this morning (in comparison to 5 percent absent the morning before).

Is it madness that we go to such great lengths just for sports?

Is winning a Super Bowl Championship this big of a deal?

It is for a city who (prior to this) has never won one.

I know that if I had been well enough to go to work today, I probably would have tried to stand out in that cold weather with my fellow 12s to cheer on my home team.

But, I slept through most of the day, sick in bed.

Maybe coming together for a “common good” even if it is “just sports” isn’t so bad.

Maybe this is one of those “once in a lifetime” events.

Or, maybe, we’ll come back and win it all again next year.

Then what?

Will the streets then be flooded with people?

I think so.



2 thoughts on “Come together

  1. The Seahawk’s win in the Superbowl was an inspiring display of heart, determination, teamwork, focus and sportsmanship — those are qualities worth celebrating. So we thank them for representing Seattle well! About 700,000 people partied at the parade politely, and that’s good, too!

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