Sometimes you surprise yourself

Sometimes when your expectations are low, you greatly succeed.

Take half-marathon of August 2013.

I was this close to not even running the darn thing let alone race it. My IT band injury had shown me who was boss thus limiting my training for the race.

But, since I spent the money on registration and I had friends who were also doing the race, I decided to go for it.

By go for it, I mean I would show up and jog my way through the 13.1 miles, walk if need be.

But, I didn’t walk. I didn’t jog. I raced. I raced through pain. And, I PR’d.

My friends didn’t even see me finish because they hadn’t anticipated me finishing “so fast.”

When you have low expectations, you surprise yourself.

Today, I woke up still not feeling so great from the head cold I caught Friday. I went to the store to pick up some groceries (i.e. NyQuil) and Super Bowl essentials (i.e. Skittles). As I waited in the checkout line, I started to feel very warm. I was perspiring. I didn’t think I had a fever but I didn’t feel so well.

I returned home and told my roommate that I was definitely not going to run today.

Two hours later what was I doing?


It was so nice out. Cold, yes. But, beautiful.

I told myself I would go slow. I wouldn’t go the full 9 miles my training plan indicated. I would just go for 30 minutes.

I went for 30 minutes. And 30 more minutes. And 30 more minutes.

I did 10 miles.

I wouldn’t say I felt great. But, I felt great being out there. I was blowing snot rockets every five minutes but my legs felts fine.

Maybe it was a little crazy for me to go out and run 10 miles when yesterday I was in bed nearly all day.

I didn’t intend to run 10 miles (at sub 10 pace!).

It just happened.

I surprised myself.

And, I hope this means that I am getting better and have kicked the cold.



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