When it all just becomes memories

I am a strong believer that “everything happens for a reason.”

If you work hard, it’ll pay off — even if it takes a while.

If you do something bad, you will have to live with the consequences of your actions.

But, one exception to this “everything happens for a reason” that I am still trying to figure out / do not agree with is:


How can a stolen life be just?

Especially when that life was taken all too soon?

And unexpectedly?

I just don’t understand.

And, (for me anyway,) the notion of death brings up painful feelings of others close to me who have passed.

And then, I feel like I am mourning for them too — all over again.

But, this past weekend we celebrated the life of a dear man who will be forever held in our hearts and memories. It was evident by all the people — all the family, friends, and coworkers — who attended the service held on that sunny California beach.

Later on my little cousin pointed to a photo of him walking on a sandy beach wearing his wetsuit and holding his surf board. She looked over at the ocean and noticed the same barrier pictured in the photo. “Hey, this is the same beach he surfed at,” she softly said.

I will never forget his laugh and the way he made the rest of us laugh. He was the type of person that always uplifted everyone’s spirits.

I’d like to think that he’s out there surfing somewhere similar to that California beach or the Hawaii waters he so much enjoyed.

Uncle, you are terribly missed and will always be loved.



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