Running under pink skies and a bright moon

Saying “see you in four weeks” to my physical therapist rather than “next week” like I have been for the past two months was strange.

But, she wants me to get in more miles and keep progressing with my training and see if “all is well” with my body after that.

Because right now, all is pretty well.

I’m on week #2 of my 14-week half-marathon training plan. (My race is in April!)

It’s a little weird because it dawned on me that I have never really trained for a half before. I mainly just “ran consistently” and didn’t have much structure to my days of the week in terms of exercise. “I feel like I will run 5 miles today,” or “This morning I think I’m going to do an hour,” was common.

But, this time I want to ease back in. I need structure. I have a plan.

I don’t want to get injured again.

So, I am taking it one mile at a time.

This weekend I am going for seven miles which will be the longest run I have done since my marathon in October.

It’s nice to be back into a running routine.

I ran 3 miles tonight at 9:24 pace. It felt freeing to finally let myself run a little faster, to not completely limit myself to the 10 min/mile pace I was forcing myself to go the past several weeks.

I saw little flurries of pink from the sun setting.

I saw the big bright moon shining in the dark.

It was a good run.

I may have forgotten to wear my headlamp, but it was a good run.


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