Thirteen from 2013

What. a. year.


With all the traveling I did in 2013, I FINALLY filled ALL THE PAGES of my passport. (Sure, many pages were occupied by multiple Cambodia visas when I went in and out of the country while living there in summer 2009, but it still counts, right? I’m counting it!)

I FINALLY set PRs! And not just for my marathon time, but my half-marathon time as well as 5K time. I didn’t set any PRs in 2012 …

But enough rambling, here are 13 accomplishments/events/insights/things of 2013 that I feel are important to address. In no particular order:

1. I scored a 242 while bowling with my family during the holidays. I did not use bumpers. I did not cheat. I did not have any do-overs.  I am not a professional. Bryce and Cprov always make fun of me for the way I bowl. This year maybe I need to aim for a perfect game. (Prior to the 242, my highest score had been around 135, maybe 140).

2. I visited the South for the first time in my life. (Thank you, Hannah, for being a wonderful host and showing me around New Orleans!)

3. I learned how to draw blood and am now somehow certified by the state as a phlebotomist.

4. Marathon PR of 4:07:40 set in May at the Vancouver Marathon only to be broken five months later at the Chicago Marathon (4:05:26)! It took me three whole years for that first marathon PR and then I PR twice in the same year!

5. I went to the Happiest Place on Earth (spurred from a work conversation of “I want to go to Disneyland!” “OK, let’s go!”)

6. I participated in my first relay —Hood to Coast — with strangers I met on the Internet. (I know, it sounds as creepy as this picture of me looks, but it is not. Twitter has its perks!)

7. I traveled to London, Barcelona, Le Mans (France), Brugges and Brussels for three weeks in April.

8. I then started a new job after said travels.

9. I learned that life really is unexpected but your family will always be there for you.

10. I caved and finally tossed the flip-phone and now am an iPhone user. I love the iPhone except for the fact that it only vibrates for a second when the phone rings. I’ve missed a lot of calls because of this. You know, because I receive so many calls to begin with …

11. Summer was full of hiking, running, ultimate Frisbee and seeing Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift in concert (not at the same time).

12. I did my first trail race.

13. I learned that I may have a back-up career in “sit-down” comedy.

Last year was packed with a lot of activity. I did a lot of traveling. I did a lot of running (I’m sorry knee, I will take better care of you this year!)

It makes this year feel a little “meh”. I don’t have any travel plans. My one and only full marathon of the year is all the way in October so it’s not even on my radar at the moment.

But, then again, January of last year I didn’t have any plans to travel. I didn’t know I was going to do all the races that I did.

So, 2014, show me what you got.


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