2013: Getting faster, getting injured and crushing PRs

I got faster this year.

Or, I just pushed myself beyond my “pain threshold limit” of years past.

I PR’d in the 5K, half marathon and marathon distances.

I PR’d my marathon time in May (4:07:40 – a SIXTEEN minute PR) and then beat that PR in October (4:05:26).

I PR’d my half marathon time in August when I was beginning to have my IT band pain.

I PR’d my 5K time in September (22:34). This was a PR that took TEN YEARS to achieve. I am finally faster than my high school self.

Yes, I am bragging.

I had no PRs last year.

I worked hard for these times. I am not a “naturally fast” runner. My body isn’t a “runner’s body.” Running doesn’t run in my family (ha ha, yep, went there).

Sure, compared to others, my times are average or maybe even considered “slow.”

But, to me, I am fast.

And, I am only going to get faster next year.

I have taken the necessary time off since October and have been going to physical therapy for my knee/IT band problems. I’ve been doing my stretches and exercises daily to strengthen my core and back and glutes so that my injury does not become a recurring problem.

I have solved my anemia issue. (I actually went to the doctor this year for a regular check up — something I hadn’t done since high school). I try my hardest to sleep 8 hours a night. I don’t excessively drink or eat sweets. I treat my mind and body well.

Physical therapy will end (hopefully) within the first or second week of the New Year.

And, I’m excited.

I’m ready to train my hardest and set some more PRs next year.

It’s not easy. Nothing worth attaining is ever easy.

Good-bye 2013, thanks for being nice to me race-wise. You may have been hard on my knees but I won’t hold it against you.

2014, BRING IT ON.


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