Every day I’m recovery running

I ran the inside of Green Lake Sunday afternoon.

It wasn’t so crowded as usual (my main reason for never running the inner loop). The Seattle Marathon took place that morning so a majority of my fellow city runners woke up when it was dark and cranked out 13.1 to 26.2 miles.

I just did about 4 miles (when adding the 2.8-mile loop plus the distance to and from the lake from my house).

And I was sure proud of it.

It was knee pain-free! I haven’t run around the lake in for-e-ver. OK, OK, it’s been like two months but in running time that seems like forever.

My physical therapist has been telling me that running is fine but I should be doing it at recovery run pace and distance. That means short and sweet β€” and slow(er).

I think it’s paying off.

I don’t want to dive head-first back into training. I am, after all, still continuing PT (for an undetermined amount of time).

At least, I don’t feel broken.

I’m hopeful.

And, I will do everything once I am “fully better” to prevent from getting injured again.

This means, adequate stretching and (core) exercises are going to become part of my running routine. Or, I mean, part of my post-run routine. Stretching and doing core while running seems a little too extreme for me.

Now, where’d I put that foam roller …


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