From flip-phone to iPhone — A whole new world

For 10 years 5 months, I’ve owned a cellphone. And, for 10 years 5 months, I owned a flip-phone. (Yes, it’s in the past now).

I used to be one of those “stuck-up” people who would get annoyed when others constantly checked their phones. You’re at a restaurant and they want to check the score of the game. They want to see if they have a new text message, tweet, voicemail and/or Snapchat. They want to “check-in” on Facebook. They want to immediately verify with the Internet that some trivial fact that came up in conversation is true or not.

I didn’t want to be “those people.” I wanted to be in the present. I wanted to give the people I’m with my full, undivided attention.

I hope to still do that. But, now I also have a smartphone — an iPhone.

When my dad and I walked out of Best Buy —each with our spanking brand new phones — he had his in his pocket and I had mine back in its original box and in my purse.

“Ummm … how are you going to hear if someone calls or texts you?” he asked as we got into the car.

“It doesn’t matter. I need to protect it,” I replied. I figured I’d buy a case on Amazon rather than forking over $30 at the store for one.

It’s so sleek. And new. And — awesome.

Hammin' it up with the new phone

Hammin’ it up with the new phone

With Bryce’s help, I was able to connect my phone to “the cloud” (iCloud) and then immediately see the photos I had taken on our Sunday hike on my laptop! (I have a MacBook Pro).

It’s so easy! It’s so convenient! I can’t believe all that I have been missing out on. I could get used to this. Good-bye USB cords …

Hike photo taken with the phone!

Hike photo taken with the phone!

It’s still so new and a bit overwhelming. I feel like it takes me twice as long to compose a text now that I have to press each letter out rather than quickly type messages using T9 with the flip-phone. (Is there a T9 app out there??) I added a few Apps like Instagram and Snapchat but I had to ask Leah via a text how to add the banner of text in Snapchat because I couldn’t figure it out. (She told me how in none other than a Snapchat, of course!)

I was very hesitant in turning in my flip-phone for a smartphone because of what happened in winter of 2011. I went from this to this.

But, I think I will stick with the iPhone and not return it after a week like I did the Android. And, I’m going to try my darn hardest to not become one of those plugged-in-all-the-time people. I have three email accounts and only one is logged in on my phone. I’m not planning on doing online shopping with the phone. And, blogging? I haven’t even downloaded the WordPress app. (I’m just assuming that there is an app for it). I prefer writing on a computer, anyway.

There’s only so much a phone can to. And, it seems as though this iPhone of mine can do a lot.

If I don’t answer your calls, it’s probably because I have yet to figure out how turn up the volume on my ringer. Or, I may be preoccupied with Instagramin’ my latest masterpiece.


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