Alone at last

Whether or not I am classified as an extrovert or introvert continues to be debated. Most of the time, my Myers-Briggs results come up with an “E” at the beginning (E for extroverted).

I see myself as introverted. I don’t like to be the center of attention. Public speaking makes me nervous. I’m not the “loud one” when I’m with a group. Some/many may even characterize me as “quiet.”

But, extroverts can be classified as people who enjoy being around other people. They keep busy. They’d rather be out and about than at home. I am far from being a homebody and my schedule is usually packed with back-to-back activities or social engagements. If I have free time, I fill it. Rarely do I cherish it.

Going into the weekend, I knew that Saturday was packed. I was working all day and then there was an ultimate Frisbee game at night. This left Sunday open.

And, for some reason, I kept it open.

I didn’t plan anything. I didn’t seek out face time (like, real face time) with any friends.

I slept in (for once!) I searched for holiday decorations at Goodwill. (There wasn’t much). I thoroughly cleaned and organized my room. I rode the bus downtown and walked around Pike Place. I took care of errands I had been putting off (i.e. returning an unwanted gift).

And, not once did I mind being by myself.

I could walk at the speed I wanted to and not have to worry about keeping up with someone with longer legs or slow down for someone who shuffles slower than I do.

I could window shop at the places I wanted to window shop at.

Most importantly, I could just be with my own thoughts.

Being with my own thoughts is something I enjoy doing while I run. But, since physical therapy has put a damper on that activity, I guess it hasn’t happened for a while.

Sunday re-taught me that there is value in slowing things down, in keeping busy but not overwhelming.

Free time isn’t a waste of time.


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