Restless recovery

In the past month I have gone on six runs. Only one of those runs was more than 30 minutes. (It was 31:22).

And, I’m getting restless.

I’ve been to five physical therapy sessions as of today and I miss running.

My physical therapist has not denied me of my running. She says I can run as long as I don’t go for too long and not too fast. I should not run to the point of aggravating my knee/IT band. And, no hills. I should be running at “recovery run,” pace.

So, that’s what I have been doing.

But, I feel like I am getting weaker. I am losing my muscle (the little that I had). I feel like I am getting fat, heavier. I know that this isn’t true but when I don’t run, I start to feel miserable.

I need to strengthen my glutes, they are weak, my physical therapist says. I also need to work on my core.

I’m getting pretty good at crab-walking.

This afternoon I jogged to my PT appointment. It had been more than a week since my last run/jog/shuffle.

Despite the fact that my feet felt heavy with every step I took, it felt good to be moving. It felt good to actually sweat again. (I can’t remember the last time I worked up a sweat).

I know this time off and this recovery period will be worth it.

Not running now is going to allow me to be healthy and fast come my 2014 races.

But, it doesn’t mean I’m not restless.



2 thoughts on “Restless recovery

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