This is Halloween

I was a little surprised when I found out that the school I volunteer at doesn’t let the students dress up for Halloween. Another woman who volunteers with me mentioned that “a lot of the south end schools don’t let the kids wear costumes to school.” OK, I guess you have to be careful for gang-related things arising but still these are elementary school kids!

Then I was talking to a colleague who has children and it was the same story. No costumes. No Halloween. But, they live in a nice Seattle suburb! Her response was that the school avoids anything that could implicate any religious association. But then she said the whole concept was hypocritical because the school still puts on a Christmas play every winter …

I was sad to hear that children across the county are not being able to dress up for Halloween at school.

I’m not that old but I feel like the holiday has changed a lot from when I was a kid. Parading around in our costumes was one of the highlights of the year. (And, I am nor ever was that into Halloween. I didn’t/don’t like a lot of candy and wasn’t/isn’t into dressing up. But, it was still fun!)

And, it’s not just the no-costumes-at-school rule that is getting me down. It’s the lack of trick-or-treating, too!

Did you know that a lot of parents have their kids “trick-or-treat” in malls now? Or, in other type of neighborhood business clusters during daylight hours? Or, worse — they pull into a church or community center parking lot and have the little ones walk from car to car to “trick-or-treat” for candy! (Yes, this happens. I’ve seen it with my own eyes!)

Yes, I know we must be cautious and teach our children to be safe … but, really?

Don’t ever grow up, kids. Because soon you’ll find out that you’re not allowed to wear your costume to school or trick-or-treat around the neighborhood.

I didn’t think my house was going to get any trick-or-treaters this year but I am happy to report that we had Iron Man, two bats, a pumpkin, a princess and a skeleton come by tonight. They were all under the age of 6 accompanied by their parents. They were all so very cute and polite. I gave them lots of candy (and wasn’t creepy about it or anything!)

Happy Halloween! — while it lasts!




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