Twelve days away

Twelve seems like an important number.

There are the 12 days of Christmas.  A dozen equals 12. There are 12 months in a year. The Seattle Seahawks have their 12th man. You need 12 strikes to bowl a perfect game. The highest number function key on a keyboard is F12. You get the idea.

We’re 12 days away from Chicago. The Chicago Marathon, that is.

I’m getting really excited and nervous.

This will be the furthest I have ever traveled for a race.

This will be the flattest course I have ever done (once I am done).

This will be the first time running a full marathon on “solid” training that had to be down-scaled a lot due to my IT band issues.

This makes me very nervous.

But, all I can do now is run a bit, get adequate amount of sleep every night, eat healthy and hydrate hydrate hydrate.

No matter the time I run, I know it will be a good race.

This is Chicago. They make documentaries on this one. There are many runners out there who tried to register for the race but couldn’t get it due to popularity.

But, I will be there.

And, I will race.


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