18 miles of pain and no pain

Last Saturday’s run was quite a victory for me.

Mainly, because I did it after taking the GRE.

I went into this run drained from said test. But also, hopeful. I hoped to run the full 18 without walking. And, I did!

Now, running 18 consecutive miles may seem like a cake walk for someone who has done four marathons but I’ve been taking this training cycle very conservatively and slightly injured. (Dang it, IT band!!)

Despite the downpour the night before, it was actually sunny out during my Saturday run! I saw a little of everything … I ran past my old elementary school and past Husky Stadium through a sea of purple (the Dawgs got the W, obviously) and worked my way to the Arboretum. I turned around at Madison Street/Park and headed toward Montlake again. One of my coworkers/friends lives in Montlake so I stopped my Garmin and refilled my water bottle and chatted with her and drank some ginger ale and then continued on my way.

I left her house at around mile 10 and was shocked that my right knee felt fine. Everything else felt a little “mrghs” (like, not in pain but just fatigued from all the running). I ran through the UW campus and met up with my friend, Benjie, who was going to finish up the last four miles of my run with me. Although I was running 9-min mile to 9:30-min mile pace on my own, once I hit those last four miles I was pretty spent. I was dragging my feet at nearly 11-min mile pace!!

But, I was happy because my IT band stayed in check. No real horrible pain this time!

I have still been foam rolling like crazy and icing after every run. And, not to worry, I’ve been doing all those IT band stretches.

That Saturday afternoon, I had no IT band pain but, everything else hurt.

Bring it, Chicago.


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