Are Taylor Swift’s fans getting younger?

Snapshots from Taylor Swift’s RED tour at the Tacoma Dome Aug. 31, 2013

Apparently, it is the norm to come with decorated signs. I liked this one that reads, “My dad is a Taylor Swift fan!”

Little girls be striking poses! I swear Taylor’s fans are getting younger and younger.

T-Swift singing on a floaty-thing above her screaming fans.

Great concert. She sang equal-part RED album and equal-part older stuff (which I liked). She had “a million” costume changes. Her opening act, Ed Sheeran, won our hearts by sporting a Seahawks jersey and incorporating Macklemore’s “Thirft Shop” into one of his songs. I’m not ashamed that I am a 26-year-old who has fun at T-Swift concerts. I mean, as far as concerts go, hers are pretty darn good.

But, my one question for Taylor:

Why no encore??


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