As tough as nails

As soon as she hit the ground, I stopped but didn’t know what to do.

For some reason, my instinct was to grab her by the hands, lift her up, and tell her to keep going because we had a race to finish.

Obviously, that’s not what I did.

I repeatedly asked her if she was OK (when clearly she was bleeding from multiple parts of her body). I also picked up her phone and said something stupid like, “your phone didn’t even break!”

At least our main “rivals” stopped to check-in and make sure she was not unconscious or had broken any bones. The entire race, we kept bunny rabbit-ing with them (you know the whole we pass them, they pass us, we pass them gig) and you could tell one of the guys would get annoyed whenever we ran by them so I was quite impressed that they even stopped for us.

As soon as Julia stood up, the two runners were like, “OK, great, see you at the finish!”

This was a race after all.

Although, it didn’t feel like one. It was, but it wasn’t. It was one of those adventure races where runners have one hour to run to as many check points to collect raffle tickets (to hopefully win a raffle prize in the end of it all). So, obviously you would want as many tickets as possible to increase your chances of winning.

People just seemed too oddly into it. Maybe too competitive about it.

Julia and I walked our way up Roosevelt Way to the bar — one of the check points — and received some more tickets. Despite the fact that the two guys had run ahead of us, they were still at the bar when we walked in. Then we proceeded to the bathroom where Julia cleaned her battle wounds as best as she could.

Her palms were scrapped and bleeding. There was a big gash on one of the knees with blood trickling down her leg. An elbow had a pretty bad scrape too. And, her hip got a bruising. I kept telling her that if I had fallen down, I would be in tears. (I probably would have made her clean me up too instead of doing it myself).

We walked our way back to the lake and found our fellow runners eagerly counting their tickets. One person was off to the side getting her smartphone out to take a picture. (Probably to Instagram her “winnings” to the world).

I don’t even know what the raffle prize was. We gave our hard-earned raffle tickets away to a stranger who casually asked us if we had put our tickets in the collection bin. I’m pretty sure he had overheard our conversation about giving our tickets away to someone since we didn’t want to stick around at this point.

I guess we’re just not cut out for adventure runs. Julia and I will be sticking to the traditional 5Ks and marathons. I don’t think you get as hurt in those types of races. And, the competition seems more friendly.

The next day when I asked Julia how her body was holding up, I received this text:

I’m a bit achey and bruised up but I did go running this morning so I’m not broken.

After a spill like that, I would have probably taken the next five days off. But, not Julia. She’s as tough as nails. Now, I just need to convince her to do a full marathon with me some day. We already know she can kill the half marathon distance easily. And, can get back up from a bad fall without crying about it.



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