Dancing in September

It’s September.

My marathon is a mere month away.

How is training going?

Well, it’s kind of non-existent.

I mean, I am active. I am running (sort of). But, I am nowhere near where I was in March/April when I was training for the Vancouver Marathon in May.

It’s hard to stay on a consistent training plan when your right knee/IT band decides to hurt and not want to run.

There’s a part of me that hopes I can bust out a PR (with little “serious” training) like I did with the half marathon in August. But then there’s the realistic part of me that is like, “Chicago is going to suck. You’re in no condition to race well.”

This long Labor Day weekend I did a strenuous mountain hike (8.6 miles) Friday. On Saturday, I did a 2-mile race (my high school’s alumni run). Yesterday I did a lake hike that had some elevation and was about 6.5 miles. Today I ate a pot pie and mac and cheese and went boot shopping with my mom. In any other universe this would not be “marathon training” to me.

But, for right now, this will do. I mean, I know I am not “getting slow.” I was able to crush the 2-mile race in 14:20 which is 7:10 pace. I think that’s about what I was running in high school (if not slower!)

Soon, the weather will also get crummy and I won’t want to go out and hike.

Next weekend, I will at least attempt to do a long run.

But, for now, since it’s September, we might as well dance.


2 thoughts on “Dancing in September

  1. You will be fine, enjoy the last month and when you finish this marathon try and spend more time working on your right knee/IT band. I was very fit back in April and guess what I get injured, my fitness isn’t what It used to be and also I have a fracture in my left leg. Sure these things happen! Good luck in the marathon and enjoy every moment of it.

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