The forgotten race

I’m registered to race run do a half-marathon in three days. 

I signed up for it in June when I was on my I-PR’d-by-16-minutes-on-my-full-marathon high, thinking that I would just “ride it out” and not have to “train so much” to PR at a half marathon in August.

But then in July I found out that I would have to take Saturday classes for work (i.e. learn how to draw blood!) which meant I would not be able to race the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon.

And then, I also got a little knee/IT band injury two-three weeks ago that had me not running. 

A week ago I found out that with the alternating morning/afternoon class schedule, I will be able to fit in the race after all. About a week ago (or a little more), I also started running without any pain.

So, I guess the race is back on!

I’m still kind of hesitant. 

I plan to “take the race easy” since I do not want to re-injure myself. Plus, I need to make sure I am “healthy enough” to have some stranger attempt to draw my blood after the race. 

Normally I’m nervous race week. I get the butterflies. I focus on staying hydrated and eating well. I’m doing those last two things. 

But, getting all nervous?

Not really. 

Though, ask me Saturday at 6 a.m. and you may get a different answer …


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