Feeling v. being

I’m on the mend!

This week I played a few points of ultimate (at like 50 – 65 percent effort), went on a 15-min run with no pain, went on a 30-min jog with no pain and then went on what was supposed to be another 30-min run (with no pain) but it ended up being sub-30 because I was — gasp — faster than I anticipated (with no pain)!

I was going to just do a little out-and-back from my house. You know, out 15 minutes and then back home 15 minutes to get a nice 30 minutes in before dinner. I still don’t want to push my luck with my IT band injury situation, so I tried to go slower.

But, I guess I wasn’t.

At what was supposed to be a 14-15 minute turn-around point, I was clocking in at around 12 minutes and 50 seconds. Whoa!

Since marathon training has been very minimal the past two weeks with the injury “situation,” I have just been feeling so slow on every run I have been on. I feel like in those two weeks I have lost my base, my months of hard work …

But, maybe I haven’t.

I’m on the mend.

I feel slow. But, the numbers prove otherwise.

Plus, I need to be cautious with the injury situation, so I’ll take being a slow runner for the time being.

Track workouts and hill repeats will just have to wait. Darn.


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