Like a marathon

I just registered for the GRE.

I’m taking it at the end of September. At first I wasn’t sure if it would be “too soon” and that I would not have adequate time to prepare for it. 

I tried Googling study prep guides to see what people do. Some guides have you studying just a month, others some more. 

I figured once I just settled on a date, I would then be able to create a study schedule and would follow it.

Sound familiar?

That’s kind of how my marathon training works.

Once I register for a race, I then create my training plan and (usually) follow it. 

This GRE however costs more than a marathon. I hope I don’t hit the wall!

10.5 weeks until race exam day …


4 thoughts on “Like a marathon

  1. You should be fine with 10 weeks to prepare! The vocab section of the GRE can be tackled with basic memorization techniques (I used mnemonics), the writing section is just a small essay where you need to demonstrate cohesive thought and basic grammar skills and the math section is mostly algebra and geometry (from what I remember). I crammed for the exam 48 hours before I took it and made it into grad school. In my opinion, running is much harder! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kristina! Yeah, history shows I don’t have that great of a standardized testing track record which is why I wanted to make sure to give myself ample time for this one!

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