Unknowingly bruising my butt hiking

I bruised my butt yesterday.

I didn’t discover this until today (more than 24 hours later).

A sign may have been after sliding down the rocks of the water fall and saying, “Ouch! That hurt my butt!”

I guess I was just having too much fun.

Another sign may have been when I went to take a shower after the hike and discovered that my underwear and the shorts I had been wearing now had holes through them. (In fact, the underwear is not salvageable. It pretty much got torn up and I threw it in the garbage!)

Despite the torn articles of clothing, I still thought the hike was a good one and that sliding down those rocks were worth it.

Otter Falls

Otter Falls

It was a hot, hot day! We weren’t planning on swimming and didn’t even know that this spot was basically a water-slide created by Mother Nature!

Today after my sweaty run in the 87-degree temperature, I took a shower and this is when I discovered the dark purple and pretty-much black bruise on my butt! Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to constantly check out my own bottom in the mirror. I was checking my back in the mirror to see if I had gotten sunburn and that’s when I noticed in my peripheral vision that a strikingly dark color was on the upper part of my butt!

I was alarmed at first because my initial thought was that I had some wart or growth forming on my butt!

After the split-second passed, I remembered yesterday’s water sliding and my torn-up underwear.

I bruised my butt sliding down those rocks …

And, this bruise I now have is one of those bruises that one would be “proud of.” If it were on my leg or arm, it would probably be one that I would roll up my pants or sleeves to show people, as if some noble battle wound.

But, what can you do with a butt bruise?

Not much. (Unless you are the type that goes around mooning people … That’s just not my style).

The best I could do was tell my dad randomly that I bruised my butt. I told him the whole story about the hike and the torn garments of clothing.

His response?

“Didn’t you bruise your butt before? You’re always bruising your butt.”

For the record, I am not always bruising my butt. And, despite this bruise in an unfortunate portion of the body, because it’s high enough, I can’t even feel it when I am sitting!

Like I said before. Sliding down that waterfall, totally worth it.


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