132 days away


I thought I would be burned out after the Vancouver Marathon.


You see, I’ve never done more than one full marathon in one calendar year. Two half-marathons in a year? No problem. But two fulls? Ehhh …


But, the Chicago Marathon is 132 days away and I’ll be there!


I signed up  Bryce registered me for the race since online registration opened at 10 a.m. our time on a weekday. (I don’t have the luxury of having a smartphone where I can make purchases while at work). I told him to put in my estimated finish time as 4:15 so I could be placed in an appropriate start corral since this race starts runners in waves.


This placed me in Corral G, which includes runners with an estimated time of 4:01:00 to 4:45:59.


My goal for this race is to break 4 hours. If I do in fact do this, I probably should not be starting in Corral G.


I sent an email to the race-corral-people with proof that I am “faster” (using my half-marathon PR time) to bump me up into Corral D.


If I’m going to be serious about this race, I must be serious in all facets. I won’t let what happened with the corral-mishap of 2010 happen again this October.

Maybe I’m moving away from being a middle-of-the-pack runner? We shall see!










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