Victory Lap

A nap seemed like a really good idea when I was nearly dozing off in front of my computer screen around lunch time.

When I got home from work, a nap still seemed like a good idea.

However, instead of napping, I ran hills.

Ever since I did Vancouver earlier this month (AND PR’ED BY 16 MINUTES!! — I’m not bragging or anything!) I haven’t been running as much. Sure, I’ve gone on the occasional 30-minute-pitter-patter around the neighborhood but not until this past weekend did I do more than four miles.

I thought the Upper Woodland hills wouldn’t be too friendly with me but I was wrong. They were fine. They were almost kind of fun. These are the same hills I ran during high school cross-country that would give my friends and I a weekly beating.

Yesterday, they were no problem at all.

Maybe it was because the weather had cleared up and it was sunny. Maybe it was because I had some built-up annoyance that I needed to run off. Maybe it is because I still remain in good shape despite my significant decrease in mileage.

Nothing like some hills to be your victory lap after a well-fought marathon.

Now I may even have to set some expectations/goals for my birthday run/race coming up in less than two weeks!


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