Slowing down — in France

I have been on my European adventure for 12 days now. I have been to London, Salisbury, Dover, Barcelona and now Le Mans, where Katelyn is graciously letting me stay at her apartment for a few days.

I was in London for one week (where Naomi graciously let me stay with her — I am so lucky to have so many friends who are out doing cool things in foreign countries!) and took day trips to Salisbury and Dover during that time. Next was Barcelona where I soaked in the sun and roamed the streets for two days. (OK, I was not roaming all day and night, I spent the nights at a hostel). Every day at all of these mentioned cities, I was always on the go. I wanted to see as much as I could in the short period of time that I had. It meant waking up at 7:30 in the morning (or even earlier) so as to maximize my daylight hours. (And to fit a run in).

I have enjoyed every minute of everything and every place. But, now, I slow down. I rest. I am on vacation, after all. Yesterday I actually took a nap! I never take naps, but there’s no better time than when you’re on vacation, right?

The cat takes a nap with me.

The cat takes a nap with me.

I have also — so far — run every single day I have been in Le Mans. (By the way, Le Mans is a city west of Paris). And just like London, there is a river that runs through it so I can never get lost on my runs as long as I stick to the river!

It’s definitely nice to have some down time. I brought four books with me on this three-week trip and I finally started reading one of them! (Yes, I have had ample time to read on the many planes and trains and buses that have transported me from place to place, but for some reason I keep falling asleep on the rides).

And, in three days, Katelyn and I will be heading to Belgium. Adventures never end. Right now though, I am just taking a breather.

Sometimes, we all need a few days like these. When was the last time you slowed down?


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