Start and stop. And, start again.

I received a Happy One-Year Anniversary card from HR today.

It’s my last day of work though.

I’m not going anywhere either.

I’m very fortunate to be able to continue at my current employer with a new research study.

It all happened just “in the nick of time.”

I had started to research how to file for unemployment.

I was going to have to be covered under my mom’s medical insurance plan (for two months until I turn 26).

I booked a trip to Europe next month.

I was nervous, uncertain of my plans to just go on a vacation and spend money when I would not be making any.

I was scared to have to be unemployed.

I’m starting again though.

I begin my new job Monday.

It’s exciting.

I still get to take my trip, too!

I finally feel like I can look forward to my trip.

I can actually start planning and research places to visit โ€” I leave in eight days!

I feel lucky.

I’m thankful for the people who supported me, stuck up for me.

I will be able to cover my own insurance.

I’m relieved.

I started and am stopping. I’m starting again.

I’m really thankful for that.


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