Here, is where we belong

As I eagerly waited for my dentist appointment to finish — Did I ever mention my dentist is a very intelligent dentist? She could tell I am anemic just from looking at my gums! — I looked out the window and thought about where I wanted to run that afternoon.

The weather yesterday (and today) was bea-u-ti-ful. It’s been gorgeous! For Seattle standards (and, any other standards) they have been perfect running-weather days. Mid-60s, no rain, a few clouds and sunshine everywhere.

As I had my teeth prodded and cleaned, I knew exactly where I would run to.

The one place I always want to go at this time of year — especially on a sunny day.

I quickly (but safely) drove home and changed into a short-sleeved running shirt and shorts. Yep, no layers, folks! And, the iPod stayed on top of my dresser for this one. I wouldn’t need any podcasts or music to get me through this run. There would be no “getting through” involved at all.

I bolted down through Ravenna park and onto the Burke Gilman. The sun felt nice. I was actually sweating!

Finally I came to the curve where I abandoned the trail to run up onto my alma mater’s campus. And, I started sprinting up the hill. Yes, I was sprinting! Friends had been telling me that the cherry blossoms are now in bloom, but I hadn’t witnessed them myself. I couldn’t wait.

When I got to the Quad, the pinkish-white blossom-covered trees stood there, as they always do every year. And, even though I see them time and time again, they never get tiring to see.



And, it’s just not what you see. (Besides the trees, the people watching is pretty great this time of year … Photographers trying to position loving couples to not look so awkward in their engagement pictures, tourists taking a million photos from every angle possible, families with kids and puppies running around …) There’s also the smell. It just smells clean, refreshing. It feels like home.

I spent about 10 minutes walking about. Here, everything is wonderful. Nothing can go wrong. Everyone is happy.


I don’t know how UW always “plans” for students to return from spring break right when the trees are in full bloom but props to them for always making that happen. As a student, seeing the cherry blossoms always made going back to classes “easier.”


Now that I am no longer in school, they make everything seem easier. My run was easy.


A lot of people talk about having their “happy place.” You know, that place that they go to when they close their eyes when times are tough. Or, that place they go to just because they love it so much. I don’t think the Quad is my happy place. The Quad during springtime on a sunny day — during a run — sure does make me happy though.



Although I didn’t want to leave, I ran happily home. All of this will be here next year. And, we’re in for a sunny weekend so I’m sure I’ll be back soon. Like, tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Here, is where we belong

  1. Thanks for this! Nothing compares to UW’s cherry blossoms. I live near Washington, DC, but they aren’t as impressive here because they mix varieties so they don’t all completely bloom out at once – it lasts longer but it’s not solid pink-white like at UW. And the tourists here are all too often the rude, pushy, annoying type. Enjoy the REAL Washington!

    • Ah, thanks for the comment Candice! Seattle misses you! I have relatives living in DC for the year so I am hoping to make a trip out there sometime.

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