You need to eat more!

Remember back when I officially announced that I am anemic (AKA iron deficient?)

Well, my mom wanted me to get a second opinion. Not a second opinion about whether or not I really do have anemia (the judge has spoken on that one). She just wanted another doctor — her primary care physician — to take a look at me.

After I started injecting myself with spinach (and by that, I mean taking iron supplements thrice a day! — Yes, THREE times!) I started having stomach pains. (A few of the common side effects of taking iron is constipation, nausea, dizziness … just an FYI). When I called the doctor’s clinic after a month of being on the iron — telling the kind people that I would like to stop taking the iron — they told me to not stop. They did not advise it. They said I could drop down my dosage to two pills a day.

Even though I wanted to be a non-compliant patient, I listened. I obeyed.

And then, I went to this new doctor.

She was more reassuring about my anemia. She said with the “proper diet” I can get my iron levels back up and won’t have to take the supplements anymore. And, after looking at my lab results from the other clinic, she said I can lower my dosage to one pill a day! (I like her already!)

Not only that, but she recommended that I EAT MORE. Yes, you read correctly. Because I burn so many calories running, she thinks I am not replenishing sufficiently by what I told her I am eating and the number of times I eat a day. (She said it wouldn’t be abnormal if I were eating every three hours). But, you know, when you work in close proximity to another young woman, you get kind of self conscious that she will judge you and think that you eat a lot or too much.

But, there you have it.

I’m a runner. And, I’m anemic. So, I will eat and eat and eat.

I will eat more. I will drink more water and stay hydrated.

Who knows, the doc even said I may notice improvements in my running (AKA faster times).

And, if she couldn’t make a better first impression on me as a new patient, she called me a “high performance athlete!”

I’ll take that.


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