By the numbers

I don’t like getting into numbers too often — mainly because I lose count. But, I just wanted to point out that I created a “Race Results” page to this blog. Here, my marathon, half marathon, 5K and other race times are listed in chronological order by race category.

Some of my thoughts from looking at these numbers:

  • It’s been three years since I had a marathon PR and two years since a half marathon PR.
  • There is a 17-min difference between my fastest half marathon in 2011 and slowest (and first!) in 2006.
  • After completing my first half marathon in the summer of 2006, I “vowed” to never do another. Five months later I did my second half marathon. I think this is when the addiction started …
  • I want to beat my high school 5K times (23:20s).
  • Any race that is between 8-10K is difficult to race.

I never try to get too beat up about my times. Mainly, because I know I did not train properly for those “slower” times. Or, you know, I apparently like to hit walls in the 25th mile of a 26-mile race.

It’s never about the numbers, but how you feel at the end of the race. If your attitude is always dictated by the numbers, well, more power to you! For me, I find the balance between the two. Happy training/running/racing!


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